• Commute Matters

    Drive Less. Save More.

    Location Matters

    As many as 85% of chain store employees commute past closer company locations. It's a hardship for them and their company and dramatically increases traffic congestion.

    Commute Costs

    Workers with long commutes are more likely to quit because of it.  We reduce 

    commutes an average of 10 miles, resulting in 5 to 10% lower turnover.

    Commute Matters

                                                         One retailer, in one city, can reduce traffic by 12 million miles and CO2 by 6500 tons in just one year. What if they all did?

  • What We Do

    Commute Matters improves employee retention by optimizing workforce commuting.

    Our Solution

    Mission: Commute Optimization

    Our SaaS solution helps multi-site businesses optimize their workforce by location. When employees work closer to home, costs go down, especially from turnover. Workers are happier and more productive. Customer service is better. Employee and customer loyalty improves.


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    For Businesses

    Mission: Build and retain a stronger workforce

    Studies show that companies experience significant benefits when workers enjoy shorter commutes:

    • Less Tardiness & Absenteeism
    • Lower Turnover
    • Higher Morale
    • Better Customer Service
    • Higher Productivity
    • Increased bottom-line

    Contact us to learn more or to sign up for a free consultation for your business.

    For Employees

    Mission: Shorter Commutes

    Employees who work closer to where they live experience a significant increase in quality of life.

    • Save Time
    • Save Money - average of $3000/yr.
    • Greater Job Satisfaction
    • More transportation options
    • Less Stress
    • Improved Health 

    What would you do with an extra 2.5 hours/week from having a shorter commute! Tell us your story.

    For Communities

    Mission: Reduce congestion. Improve quality of life for all.

    Commute Optimization Benefits Everyone!

    • Less Traffic Congestion
    • Better Air Quality
    • Infrastructure and Tax Savings
    • Fewer Accidents
    • Economic Stimulus
    • Better Quality of Life

    We cannot build our way out of traffic. Call or Email us to see how we can help your community.

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  • How We Do It

    Workforce Commute Optimization

    We identify those at greatest risk of commute related turnover. By optimizing those commutes, and relocating workers to closer stores, companies retain their more experienced workers and save on recruiting, hiring and training costs. They also increase employee engagement and morale while reducing absenteeism and tardiness; all of which yields increased productivity and better customer service.

  • Market Opportunity

    The opportunity is bigger than you think and can impact us all.

    Retail, Restaurant & Hospitality

    There are nearly 40 million retail, restaurant and hospitality workers in the US. Most of them live closer to 3 or more company locations than the one where they work. We match employees by position, with closer store locations. It's a huge benefit to them with an immediate positive impact to the community and the bottom line.

    Financial Services

    In most cities, banks operate dozens of branches. As a customer, we go to the closest branch. Their tellers aren't so lucky. One study shows they have an average of 10 closer locations. By using Commute Matters' commute optimization technology, banks can allow more employees to work closer to home and save millions in turnover costs while offering better customer service.


    Cities worldwide have prioritized solving traffic congestion and the impact on air quality. While ridesharing and mass transit help some, what if commuters didn't have to travel as far to work? Commute Matters can reduce most commutes to 5 miles or less, reducing millions of miles of traffic on our roads, and making it easier for employees to bike, walk, or use public transportation.

  • Who We Are

    Meet the team behind the dream

    Bonnie Lucara

    Founder & President

    Bonnie is the driving force and inspiration behind Commute Matters. She worked with industry experts in developing a system that puts control in the hands of business to reduce commuting, benefiting both employees and communities, while simultaneously driving profits. 

    Jeff Lints

    Business Development

    Jeff has served business development and executive management functions at start up and growth stage companies for 20 years, including high technology and Cleantech, where he has commercialized several new products. He's passionate about the impact Commute Matters will make for business, employees, and communities.

    Aaron Dix

    Software Engineer

    Aaron has been designing software, leading teams and training new developers for over 20 years. He specializes in fast paced data driven environments. Aaron co-designed and built our patent pending software system and the client interface.

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